BLLIP 1987-89 WSJ Corpus Release 1 License Agreement

For use by current University of Toronto Faculty, Students, and Staff.

"Authorized Users" are full and part-time students, faculty and employees (including permanent, temporary, contract or visiting appointments) and researchers associated with Member regardless of the physical locations of such persons.

This letter describes the terms of an agreement between User and the LDC, in which User will receive material, as specified below, from LDC, derived in part from the Association for Computational Linguistics's Data Collection Initiative (ACL/DCI).

The ACL/DCI is an activity which collects machine readable text for the purpose of scientific and humanistic research, and distributes it at cost and without royalties.

Under this agreement, User will receive [the data], known as the BLLIP 1987-89 WSJ Corpus Release 1, containing text as specified below. User agrees to use the material received under this agreement only for research purposes. User further agrees not to re-distribute the material to others outside of User's research group.

User acknowledges that some of the material, as specified below, is subject to copyright restrictions, and that violations of such restrictions may result in legal liability. User agrees to refrain from violating the copyright restrictions, and to notify all associates who access the material of the copyright restrictions.

The material contained on BLLIP 1987-89 WSJ Corpus Release 1 is (c) 1987,1988, 1989 Dow Jones Inc.

By continuing I agree to uphold the terms of use outlined above.

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