Mandarin and Chinese News Text Corpus User Agreement

For use by current University of Toronto Faculty, Students, and Staff.

"Authorized Users" are full and part-time students, faculty and employees (including permanent, temporary, contract or visiting appointments) and researchers associated with Member regardless of the physical locations of such persons.

1. Permitted uses.

a. The texts may only be used for linguistic research and development, including but not limited to speech recognition, machine translation, natural language processing, document understanding, information retrieval, and foreign language teaching technology.

b. Summaries, analyses and interpretations of the linguistic properties of the text may be derived and published, provided it is not possible to reconstruct the information from these summaries.

c. Small excerpts may be displayed to others or published in a scientific or technical context, solely for the purpose of describing the research and development and related issues. NO COMMERCIAL USE WHATSOEVER MAY BE MADE OF THE TEXT.

2. Access by Individuals.

a. Access to the texts by an individual person is to be controlled by that person's organization. The organization may only grant access to people working under its control, i.e., its own members, consultants to the organization, or individuals providing service to the organization.

b. Individuals may be allowed access only after being informed of this license agreement and its provisions. The access is to be terminated when the conditions of the application no longer apply.

3. Copyright.

a. Except as specifically permitted above and as necessary to use and maintain the integrity of the data on computers used by the organization, the display, reproduction, transmission, distribution or publication of the texts is prohibited.

b. Violations of the copyright restrictions on the texts may result in legal liability.

c. Copyright holders of the information contained in the Mandarin Chinese News Text Corpus are:

China Radio International Copyright 1994-1996

People's Daily Copyright 1991-1996

Xinhua News Agency Copyright 1994-1996

4. Indemnification.

The organization shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the LDC Host institution---the University of Pennsylvania, its employees, trustees, officers, and agents ("Indemnified Persons") from and against any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) which the Indemnified Persons may hereafter incur, suffer or be required to pay by reason of any use of the Mandarin Chinese News Text Corpus and any other materials provided hereunder by the organization, its employees, directors, officers or agents which violates this agreement or any laws, including federal and state copyright laws.

By continuing I agree to uphold the terms of use outlined above.

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